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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week one is over, at least for me

The first week went pretty well over all.
Emma balked the most but that was expected. She really loves art and hates sitting still. No surprises there. Today her art assignment was to go in the backyard and draw things that are interesting. I know she will love it when I show her the watercolor crayons, pastels and especially the self-hardening clay. She likes checking on her green bean and marbles. Hopefully the beans sprout soon.
Anne is doing well, which was also expected. She was complaining today about how boring science is. Mainly because I asked her to read 3 whole pages with pictures) about animal classification. I was going to fight her on it. But then I remembered I don't have to go by the book. We went outside and dug up mushrooms and dandelions and compared them. Then we looked up Carolus Linnaeus on the computer. We learned later that Linnaeus was the first to give potatoes their scientific name. See, not boring.
I had her read out loud to me for 20 minutes. I think we really need to continue this practice. I guess it was not an important skill at school for the last 3 years.
Howard taught Emma Social Studies today. It was a huge relief to me. And it was cute to see the two of them singing songs together. The lesson was on Families Celebrate. The girls say that I am the teacher and Howard is the principal. :) He corrected Anne's spelling test and math problems today. They got a real kick out of that.

Tomorrow is the first day of their enrichment school. They are pretty excited. Backpacks are ready, the kids are clean, clothes are laid out already. And honestly, I am looking forward to a day with just two kids at home. I am so behind on the laundry it isn't funny. The two little kids don't mind if I fold clothes while we hang out. I love having all of them home, don't get me wrong. But they do need to get out. Emma was practically dancing when I told her that "Yes, tomorrow is the day you go to school." Anne is nervous. She is comforted that her friend will be in her class. Hopefully he will be nice to her. He usually is, that is why they are friends.

Now I need to order library books for next week so we can begin again.

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