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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day three, might have to rethink lessons in the middle of the day

Today I woke up even later, but we started by 9. Got thru math, baby took a nap, two year old tried changing her own poop. Gave her a bath while the older two did math, got her out and dressed, threw clothes on the baby and headed off to clarinet lessons at 10, only 2 minutes late. Drew chalk outlines on the sidewalk there, I am sure the teacher will love having that on her sidewalk. Returned home and forced my unfortuante kids to do school.

Okay, the two year old watched Monsters, Inc. Emma did her letter of the day, decided against further Social Studies, and oozed out of her chair during science. However, I learned that she can read more than she lets on. And she learned that plants need air, water, space and light. She started some bean seeds in marbles to see which is living and which is non-living.
Anne worked on her mosaic, started writing a short report on Roman mosaics, got tired of mosaics, finished her spelling and started reading to me.
Then I had them play outside while I got the 2 year old, Sarah ready for her nap. Then after a nutritious lunch of Kraft mac and cheese they set forth on their Lego Star Wars adventure for the next three hours.

Why? Because at 3:30 we had folks come over to observe Laura and write up an IFSP. The kids were pretty good. Some typical sibling bickering but not too bad. Laura was charming. Everyone loved her. Sarah finally emerged from her nap and demanded admiration of her pretty shirt. She then proceeded to dance and sing "ABCD Song" accompanied by those famous singers on the Leap Pad letter magnets.

Ahh, what fun. Then after the IFSP was over we needed to return Lego Star Wars (which is why the kids were frantically playing). And I was pretty worn out so we headed to Sonic for dinner. Afterwards Howard had to go home teaching and Anne had to leave for Activity days shorty after he left. I realized there was no way she would finish her lessons. I am experienced enough to know that we can make it up later and not to freak out, so I am not freaking out. Just up at 1:20 in the am. Played Barbies with Em and Sarah. I just love Barbies.

I picked up Anne and her friend, dropped off friend and headed to Albertsons with all four kids, which I love doing. We got dill and pickling spices for the pickles I am hoping to fit into tomorrow's packed schedule. Forgot to buy milk. Came home, had the kids take a quick shower. Sarah decided she needed a shower too. Fell right away then decided she needed to pee on the potty. And she did, hooray.

Put the kids to bed, prepped for tomorrow. Howard is working from home tomorrow and will attempt to teach Emma Social Studies while I am at Loving Hands food bank getting discount groceries. I hope she is nice to him.


Diamond said...

Here's another bonus you have with home school. The Princess Pea started PreSchool Monday. Then school was closed for three days because of Tropical Storm Fay. I'll have to check in the morning to see if she gets to do her second day of school before the weekend.

Bethany said...

I don't know how you do it! Sounds like you do a great job.