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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starting school, slowly

Today we increased the amount of school we are doing. E did her phonics while A worked on her first lesson in Wordly Wise. Then we played Pick A Sound, which is like go-fish, but the Sing Spell Read & Write version.
Then we started our first Chapter in the Story of the World. We are learning first about Ancient Rome. The girls liked pretending to fly on a magic carpet and coloring maps and soldiers. Tomorrow we will try to "Eat Like a Roman Soldier" which means we will have foil dinners. They have never eaten them so they think it will be fun.
I wasn't really planning on starting this unit today so I am not really prepared. I have been scrambling to reserve additional books from the library on this topic. Hopefully they will be in soon. I think we will wait to start Early Days of Britain until after the reunion in two weeks. That way I can reserve all the books we need and gather materials for crafts.

Note to self: need to hang up world map, get sticky stuff to hang map with, post-it flags to mark areas we are learning about.

In totally unrelated news, H now wears size 38 pants. He is so jazzed. Just a few short months ago he was bursting out of size 42. Who knew a TV show could make him lose weight? I am so proud of him. He went shopping yesterday and picked up 3 new pairs of shorts and a new work shirt. All of his work clothes hang funny on him since he is smaller. He just needs to find some khakis that are flat front and he can get new work pants too. This gives me new excuses to go shopping. Oh, I wear size 10 khaki shorts now too. I know I need to eat a little better to fit into size 10 jeans all the time. But hey, its way better than bursting out of 16s like I was before I had the baby.

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