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Friday, June 27, 2008

And the answer is 4 out of 4

The 2 year old, S was tested on Monday. She didn't really like the testing. In fact she screamed bloody murder through most of it. Still, from the info that was collected it seems that she has a mild/moderate loss in the same range as E, the five year old. We will finish testing next week.

Yesterday was a long day. I went to the "food place" at 9am. The food place is a food bank run by a local church. They open their doors at 9am on Thursdays to their sponsors, folks like me. For $50 we get to shop their overstock. I think all their food is donated, seconds, dented cans, when the trucks break down and all the food can't be sold, organic stuff that doesn't move off the shelves fast enough, etc. It is a good deal and all the grub is generally nice. We don't get Jiffy mixes there anymore due to all the corn muffin mixes having weevils but anyway...
So I went there at 9, waited with the baby (in a Snugli) to getin and finished shopping around 11. I got home and helped dh unload and then took the baby, L to the audiologist. We were there until about 3. Babies need to be asleep for the testing and L was fussy. We had to wait until she finally fell into deep sleep.
Then once testing was done I had to go to dh's friends workplace. Our minivan is in the shop having some body work. I was driving dh's car (it isn't really his but that is another story) and it doesn't fit our family. So dh made arrangements for me to swap his car for his buddies full size pickup that seats 6. So I drove the beast home, where the family was waiting for me. We strapped in the other 2 car seats, tossed the stroller in the back and headed to our local amusement park. We stayed there until 8. The kiddos started getting tired and I was cranky. Then we drove home. Dh drove the truck back to his buddies house and of course stayed to chat. I made some quick quesedillas, put some junk away, read scriptures, brushed some teeth, read stories, got everyone but the baby in bed and then got some dinner for me. I started watching the Baby Borrowers. Then dh came home so I got him some grub, changed L's poopy diaper, sat down and finished the show. Finally went to bed after 11.

Back to original topic though. So all four of the kids have hearing loss. Dh probably does too. No wonder it seems like no one ever listens to me. This is my life and I love my dh and kids. It does suck but I guess I did all my grieving back when E was born and she was diagnosed. Now I just accept it. I am taking the kids to a picnic this weekend put on by our local Sertoma group. It is for families of deaf and hard of hearing kids. I thnk it will be good for my kids to see others with the same challenges.

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