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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, we didn't get much done today, school-wise. The kids had swimming lessons. It was painful for me. S is soooo two right now. She found her extra underwear in the diaperbag and stripped out of her pull- up right there. She asked for Zoe so I put her in Zoe underwear. Then she started screaming for about 5 minutes at the top of her lungs and it wasn't until then that I figured out she wanted the Elmo ones. Fine, changed her in the bathroom. Then she starts screaming again because it turns out she wanted the other pair of Elmo's. Had to change her again.
Then I tried to give the baby a bottle but she wasn't interesed. S saw the bottle and wanted it. She then screamed for almost the rest of the lesson because I wouldn't give her a bottle of breastmilk. She finally stopped when I took out the camera and took pictures of the older girls.

When we finally escaped from swimming we went straight home. S proceeded to pee on the floor as soon as she got in the house. Ugh. I got some lunch for the kids. Their friends called and asked if the older two could come over. I took them over and then headed to the library to pick up our Rome books. The helpful librarian and I together couldn't find one of the books that was supposed to be on the shelf. The two littles were pretty good at the library. We checked out and headed to the incredibly hot car. S fell asleep on the way home, as did L. I wanted to take a dip in the pool while the kiddos were sleeping. I put S in her room with a cup, got sunscreen from the car and then L woke up needing to nurse. There went that idea.
So I nursed her and drank lots of water. Then I got a call from the girls. they wanted to get wet at their friends house but didn't have suits. I asked if they all wanted to come swimming at our pool. They did, of course. So while I was waiting for them to arrive I looked around the house. I realized that I had never cleaned up lunch, the floors were a wreck, there were wet swimsuits strewn about and my house was generally a wreck. Not very lovely.
I got it somewhat clean once the girls were in the pool. Dh called to say his step-dad's car he was driving overheated and he would be even longer coming home. Great. I sent one of the girls to open S's door from her nap. S had pooped, taken off her diaper and then had a lovely nap. Once she awakened I got to bathe her yet again with her screaming the whole time. Dh came home and left within this bath period. After her bath she was a demon again and was sent to her room.
During this lull the two older girls and I were able to assemble our soldier dinners. We put them on the grill outside. I wasn't about to dig a hole just for authenticity. S was fetched from her room and a movie put on for her. Then we started on Roman custard, which has yet to be tasted.
We ate the dinners with our fingers. We had cheese and bread on the side. Sadly we have no grape juice so couldn't make Roman Punch.
I read to the girls from a book about Roman Foods and Feasts. The girls are grossed out that the Ancient Romans ate mice and flamingo and ostrich and rabbits and snails. That is about all the learning we did today.

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Happily Ever After said...

I just had to laugh about the nap, diaper off, poop thing. Ahhh, fun stuff. Sounds like that day was crazy but with lots of fun in it. Flamingo, sounds tasty!