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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sarah's birthday and Cub Scout Day Camp

We had quite a busy series of days leading up to Sarah's birthday. There was  a swim meet, the dance recital, then Father's Day/WizardCon, all in one weekend. Three days later we had Summerween, then Sarah's birthday the next day. It was crazy!

Sarah, of course, sailed through like it was nothing. She was lovely in her Paris themed bed, with Chewbacca pajamas. That girl has style. 
Of course she got Lego Friends. The Paris coloring book was a nice surprise. 
She requested red velvet cupcakes, because anything less wouldn't do. Thankfully Annie makes great cupcakes.

She decided to spend the morning building. After lunch she invited her friend Ben to go to the pool with her. They had a blast. The rest of us went too, because we had a pool pass, so why not?

The next weekend Sarah had a backyard sleepover with her friends. They played, screamed, ate junk food, and decided to have a fire and roast marshmallows at 9pm. It's a good thing Howard is a good sport and set it up for them. The girls actually slept in the tent all night. It was nice, and kept the noise in the house to a minimum. 

The day after Sarah's birthday, the younger kids participated in a baking class from King Arthur Flour. They learned to make dough, several kinds of bread, and especially, to taste the product. The recipe called for a tablespoon of salt. My kids did not like it. They declared it inedible. But at least they learned to taste their food. 
They did the class at Laura's friend's house, so it was a bonus for me, not having to clean up the mess.

A few days after Sarah's actual birthday, Adam attended his first Cub Scout Day Camp. He had a great time. Since he is a Tiger Cub, Howard had to go too, so it was very safe feeling for Adam. 

He got to do leather stamping, shoot a BB gun, build with wood, have water fights, and hang out with other boys. He also got to go on the big soapy slip and slide. He is looking forward to next year. 
He wore shorts the second day, much easier to slide in. The last day was out on by the police department and he got to go in all sorts of cool vehicles, get fingerprinted and try on Kevlar vests. It was the best!

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