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Monday, July 18, 2016

Laura's birthday

This year, Laura turned 8. Which means a birthday trip to Disneyland. Due to some planning glitches, Laura spent her actual birthday at Disneyland. She was okay with it, as long as she had breakfast in bed, and cake at the hotel. 
She requested an 8 shirt. I haven't made her a shirt since 4, but I guess she remembered the 3 and 4 shirts more than I thought. 

Carrot cake, with pigs all over, what could be better?
She brought several of her pigs with her and they enjoyed the cake also
Laura with Walt
Kid picture with Daisy
We love the updated Luigi ride
Emma in her blue car

Annie would like one of these when she gets her license.

Aww, Stanley
They were convinced I could take a good pic in this light. Silly kids.
At Disneyland, it can be your birthday all week!
Getting silly

Posing with the only princess they stopped for
Best friends
The only thing this kid asked for the whole time was popcorn
Didn't want to take this pic
Agreeable teens
One last pic before we go. What you don't see here, is that some crazy parents in line for Dumbo let their kids run around in the landscaping, eat dirt and bark, and then the kid threw up multiple times in line. So we headed over to Mr. Toad. 

It was a fun time for most of us. Howard wasn't feeling well, but he soldiered on, because relaxation was waiting for us in San Diego.
There are no pics of Annie or Howard, as they spent most of the beach time under towels and sun umbrellas. 

It was the down time Howard needed. We went to the original Rubio's, had amazing street tacos, shopped at all the touristy places, watched surfers, and some of us even saw SlowMo, a San Diego institution.

We also made time to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Uncle Tony and Aunt Rachel were there too. It was good to reconnect with family.
We can't wait to go back.

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