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Monday, July 11, 2016

Adam's 6th birthday

Adam finally turned 6 in April.
He has been looking forward to being six for two years now! 
He chose delicious doughnuts as his breakfast.
His sisters gave him Star Wars related gifts. 
Laura even played Battleship with him.
She might have let him win. 
He loved his birthday, and his Star Wars themed everything. His actual birthday was pretty busy. Annie had a French class, and 4 of the kids had swim practice, including Adam. Then Sarah had Girl Scouts that she didn't want to miss. His party had to wait a few weeks.
Howard transformed the backyard into a Death Star type area. It rained that day so we had to improvise.
First, they made lightsabers.
They selected their character masks.
Then went outside to work with the training droid. They totally weren't hitting each other with lightsabers while waiting their turn.
Next it was into the training circles to knock down incoming enemies (foam baseballs).
The girl with the heart shirt nailed almost all of them!
Later they tried to avoid the lasers.
Everyone had a turn beating the Darth Vader piñata, but it wouldn't die.
So finally they resorted to pulling the strings. Candy and toys for all!
He blew out the 6 candle in his Star Wars cupcake.
Then got down to the business of opening presents. 

It was a great birthday party, hardly anyone cried, everyone enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream and took home a lightsaber as a souvenir. 

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