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Thursday, January 21, 2016

STEM fair

Fall semester Emma took a STEM class. Last year they built bridges, this year they built roller coasters. They learned the science behind the different energies and all sorts of school-ish stuff. 

Emma added some decor to hers. The kids had to design and build their coasters, and the vehicle was a marble. Some of the coasters never recovered from the car trip to the fair. Luckily, Emma's survived. 

Sarah wanted to make a display, so she did a project on blood typing. Laura and I were her subjects. Surprise,surprise, we both have the same kind.

What Sarah didn't know was that the head teacher would make her stand by her project and explain it in front of the assembly. She said never again.

Some of the kids tried the experiment with plugging their noses and eating onions and apples. They needed gum afterward!

Emma enjoyed the class. She and most of her classmates will be together again next semester, collaborating on publishing a book.

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