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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful musings

I am thankful for a husband who understands me. Even though I have some crazy ideas (let's move to a different state in 2 weeks, let's have 5 kids because sanity is overrated, lets buy lockers, tonight, and put them in our dining room, let's throw away our sofa without plans for replacement) he is supportive and tries to see where I am coming from. I'm also thankful that he is the reasonable one, and keeps our family running smoothly. 

I am also thankful that he shares my love of IKEA and their affordable merchandise. No, it's not the highest quality stuff, but we have kids, and I change my mind, a lot. 

Last week, our old workhorse of a 10 year old couch, decided to go out in a blaze of ants. It was crawling with them. 
It had been needing to be replaced for over a year. The leather was not so happy anymore, the side lining ripped, so anything that fell down the side went to the abyss below. The bottom lining had been removed and stapled back on multiple times to retrieve errant phones, kindles, remotes, keys, etc.. The springs were shot, the cushions were flat and it kind of hurt your back to sit on it. But hey, it was already here. 

In a perfect storm kind of situation, after Halloween and the ravenous devouring of candy, the couch may have been full of discarded candy, wrappers, and about a million missing pencils. Then it rained, and the local ants sent out scouts. They found our stinky sofa and moved right in. 

That was it for me. I had been hating this thing for a long time. I hauled it to the front yard, and persuaded Howard that it had to go. He called up the trash company, and that is how we used our final large item pick up of the year on a non-essential. Well, 2 non-essentials, as we also had them pick up our warped ping pong table. 

Anyhow, we went about 1 whole day with just a loveseat when we realized 1 loveseat for 7 people just wasn't going to cut it.  

Today, after a fruitless search for a suitable leather sofa, ( I mean 2 sofas, because let's be honest - sofa and loveseat aren't enough seating for 7 people either) I decided we may as well get 2 IKEA sofas, since they are closer to our budget of $Nothing than anything else, they are kind of cozy, and we can get them today. 

Howard agreed, as he hates sitting on the floor. At the store, we made the wise decision together to just buy 1 sofa, as our car is not actually bigger on the inside than the outside. 

Our new addition is now assembled, we have some seating, and some day in the near future, it will be joined by its identical twin sofa. 

I'm am super thankful Howard understood my level of done-ness with the old couch, didn't think I was crazy for tossing it, and agreed to go get a new one, with about two hour's notice. Oh, and assembling it for me, because he is pretty awesome. 

I do need to acknowledge my oldest kid, for watching the other kids, and ordering pizza so this trip to IKEA was possible, especially since she was also writing a paper on The Last of the Mohicans while she was watching them. She is awesome, too.

Howard also agreed that since the new seating is grey, instead of the previous light brown, we probably need to paint, or redecorate in some way. And by redecorate, he means put up Christmas stuff while we decide what to do with the decor. Which is great, because I am ready to bust out the Santa next to the turkey on our lawn. Seriously. 

Yup, my life is ideal, I know. Thanksgiving, Santa, new couch, great husband, 5 rowdy kids, what more could I want? Pictures of this new seating arrangement? Maybe. 

I do have 1 of the kids playing in the box...

Okay, fine, Katie. Here's the couch with a cozy Adam. 


Katie Bell said...

Seriously, I read that entire thing hoping for a picture, and nada....girl, post a picture...or just have Howard do it! Love those fun girls.

Baileys said...

Lol I love it! Ikea is the best!