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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

Emma and Laura had a blast, their second season on the Gators. Meets are a time to compete, but mostly hang out with friends.

And to get sassy swim themed tattoos

This summer we also tried to go soda free. July 4 was a cheat day, and boy did they take advantage of it!
We went with all retro glass bottles. So much more fun!

One hot day I was crazy and took the younger 3 to Chuck E. Cheese. 
They hadn't been since Laura's 5th birthday. They loved it, but were done after 2 hours, thank goodness.

Adam played T-ball for the first time, on the Yellow Giants.

Howard and Annie were his coaches. He kind of loved it.
Sarah and Laura played in the 7-9 division. Since their practice was before Adam's, they played at the park.

And then after, Adam wanted to play, too.

Emma also played baseball. It made for very full evenings, so we ended up dining at Wendy's a few times. 
Laura and Emma were troopers, swimming every day and then practicing baseball and going to games. 

Once swim and baseball were over, we had two weeks of calm before the storm of fall swim, dance, music and school started up. Two blissful, unscheduled weeks.  


Katie Bell said...

Um, Emma looks just like you!

Patty said...

You must be a relative to the Energizer bunny to keep up with everything! Wow! What fun to have so much good stuff going on. I love reading your updates and seeing the cool things you and your family are doing.