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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pear Fair

Earlier this summer, we headed out on a leisurely drive. While we were out and about, we saw that there was to be a Pear Fair the next weekend, one day only. Well, who can pass up pears!

In addition to pears, there were bouncy houses, rock wall climbing, water slides and these cool things.

Sarah, Laura, Emma and Annie each had a turn, while Adam went in the bouncy houses. 
True to our nerdy selves, in addition to buying a big bag of pears and a pear pie, we also bought a big bag of books from the Friends of the Library booth. 

It's definitely on the list of things to do again. 

1 comment:

Katie Bell said...

So FUN! Also, why does it look like no one is there?! We would totally go!