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Monday, April 6, 2015


Back when we were doing the addition, Emma's friend's dog had puppies. They asked if we wanted one. The timing was horrible. Then we lost Max. And no one was sure if we wanted a small dog. Then the family said if we didn't take the puppy, she was going to a shelter. So now we have a new dog. Her name is Pond. After Amy Pond, from Doctor Who. I have got her to follow me when I say, "come along, Pond."

She is really cute. Which is a good thing because she is a punk. She only really likes me and Emma. She is still a puppy, and has chewed thru pretty much everything in the backyard, including a pair of Adam's shoes that he left out. 

Our blow up pool is toast, along with my clothes lines, our pool cover, a skip it (remember those?) an extension cord, diving rings, water squirters, pencils, Nerf darts, bow strings and pretty much anything left out. 

She is an amazing jumper and can get all the way to the top of our play structure. She has been jumping up to grab clothes off the line, then hangs on them until the clothes fall. Then she snuggles with them. 

She is pretty tolerant of the kids antics, now that it's been a while and she is getting used to us. They like to pick her up and make her talk, using her paws to point. Which kids? Mainly Emma and Sarah. Sarah is getting over her fear of any and all dogs. She likes to pick up Pond and carry her about. It took a couple weeks of bribing the dog with treats to get to this point, but I'll take it. 

Pond is still a punk, though. We are looking into getting a lab, still. Then they can be buddies. And chew up everything else in the yard. 

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