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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adam's 5th Birthday

Adam turned 5 last week. How did this happen, he was just a baby! 

As he is getting older he is getting more opinionated. He decided to be more like Dad and not have breakfast in bed because "that's gross." Instead, he had his doughnuts at the table. He also wanted to open gifts through the day instead if waiting until dessert. 

Once he saw what was inside, he wanted to wear it all day.
And so he did.
He was tired of playing Princess Monopoly and asked for "not girlie games." 
Sarah and Laura got him his own plastic cup with a straw.

And he even had a Spider-man piñata. 
Poor Spider-Man didn't stand a chance.
His friends Elias and Alora came for his party. And you would think with all the Spider-Man stuff he would have a Spider-Man cake, but nope, he wanted a Tardis. 

Now that Adam is 5, he insists that he is a big boy. He drives all over the backyard in his Gator, bathes alone, wants to move to a booster seat (nice try buddy) and has even had a filling at the dentist. He is still willing to cuddle, so he isn't too big for everything.

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