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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid summer, 2014

Event, heat, lane

Laura had her final meet on Saturday.  She had 3 events.  

She did rather well in her heats.  In her first relay ever, her team finished third. In freestyle, she finished second in her heat.  In backstroke, which isn't her favorite, she came in first!  It was a little worrisome, as she almost flipped over to check where she was, but the judges are merciful to the 6 and under group.  

This was the first meet Howard was able to attend, and as a bonus, Grandma and Grandpa were able to go, too.  Laura was happy that she did well and had her own groupies cheering her on. 

Later, Emma and Sarah's combined Girl  scout troops went bowling.
Emma has reached the "no paparazzi" point in her life and I was lucky to get this shot.
Sarah got a little silly. She was going for the Gimli look, having just watched The Lord of the Rings for the first time.

We've just been filling up our summer with the usual stuff: swim practice, watching rubbish, sibling fights, occasional walks,
Getting turned down when our phones try to connect to wifi
Trying out the recliners at Costco
Lots and lots of Fun Pops(generic Otter Pops from Walmart, they are way better)
Occasionally burning off energy in the backyard, dressed as a superhero.
And playing Legos.  All day long.
It's been great so far.  We have 30 days left and plan to use them well.


Karen said...

I love all the pictures! That's a sweet Legos table! Congratulations to the little swimmer!

Katie Bell said...

The peach flavor from Wal Mart is my favorite. My kids don't even know they exist because they are never allowed to have them.