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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mom and Emma time

On Monday and Tuesday, Emma and I attended the two night Doctor Who/Wings event.  
The first night was two episodes made into one movie.  We sat up close, drank icees and ate sweet tarts and sour patch kids (didn't have any jelly babies).  I sang along with the theme song.  We both wore our converse. It was fun seeing it on the big screen.  The plus side was that when we had to go to the bathroom, we have already seen the show so we didn't miss anything. It was also fun seeing other people wearing their Doctor Who swag.  We saw a Tardis skirt like Annie's, various T shirts, a hat and lots and lots of converse.  Emma couldn't find her Tardis shirt, so she settled on what she was wearing already that day.

The second night was Wings 3D.  It was a nature documentary.  Narrated by David Tennant. She found the other Doctor Who shirt before we went.  I don't normally go to the theater to see documentaries, but this was pretty good.  We sat in the row with the push-up arm rests, so Emma got cozy. I only dozed off once or twice.  Emma said it was very educational, and the shark part was kind of disturbing. 
It was nice getting out to do something with just Emma.  We finished off the evening with a trip to Target, for some medicine to counteract all the junk from the night before😉.

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