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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Adventures

Buzz Lightyear met an untimely death recently.  Our other Buzz lost a foot.  It's a dangerous world out there...for a toy.

We went camping at Folsom Lake for Memorial Day. What started out as a short walk turned into a full day at the shore.

Laura joined the local swim team.  This is her groovy team suit.
After Laura joined, Sarah joined, then Emma, then Annie.  These are Emma's new goggles.  Very fancy.
The swimmer's event, heat and lane are written in sharpie on their arm or hand.
They all competed in their first meet on Saturday.  It was a learning experience for them.  Our little team swam their hearts out, but the much larger other team triumphed. 
The nice thing about swim is that if you don't win, nobody rubs it in, especially if you beat your previous best time.  Also, if you get dq'd in an event, the coach will help you fix whatever you did wrong.  And you get a ribbon for up to 8th place.  Which is vital when you are in the 8 and under group.
Also, they get to swim for at least an hour every day, which is needed when it's mega hot.
Sarah and Laura are both making new friends, and getting to know kids they met in other sports. In such a small town, you start seeing the same people all the time.

Annie and Emma went to the mall and actually got along!  This is after a trip to Hot Topic to pick up some Whovian merchandise.  I love that there is a store that carries stuff for our fandom, hate that it's Hot Topic.
P.S. Don't say anything to Annie about Emma being taller.

We bought the digital download of the Lego Movie, so everything is awesome!!

A really awesome thing happened at the mall.  I asked the guys at the Lego store if there was any way I could buy some hands. Because let's be honest, the hands get vacuumed and I don't dig them out of the  gunk.  The guys at the store were a bit perplexed that I wanted to buy hands.  I suppose if I hadn't had the girls with me they would have thought I was a weirdo with some sort of fetish.  But, since Emma was fangirling over the Lego deathstar, I guess we looked legit.  Anyhow, one of the employees went into the back and came back out with at least 20 assorted hands, no charge.  Restored my faith in humanity and all that.  I almost hugged the guy, it was that cool.  A big thanks to RJ at the Lego store!  Now Indiana Jones and Jock and the Prince of Persia and Black Monarch and random robot guy can all show their faces among the rest of the mini figs, ashamed no more of their lack of accessory-wielding hands.

While we were at the mall, Howard built Sarah a Lego platform. It's not always going to live on the highly classy red ice chest.  I promise.  It's nice because we can move it to the table and back. Howard used some Kragle to glue down Lego platform/flat thingys.  Now Sarah doesn't have to worry about her creations getting ruined when we need the table cleared off.

In non Lego news,now that the school year is over, swim practice is moved to morning, music lessons are over, horseback riding is over, the big ballet recital is this Saturday, and life is much less hectic.  
We got a big above ground pool this year, so our daily plans include swimming every day. And playing Legos, of course. 


Katie Bell said...

I feel at peace with the world now that you have posted and I know all the happenings at your home. My faith in humanity was shattered when a 60 something year old woman yelled at me because she thought I was cutting in line when I went to buy chicken food. Which I was, because she didn't have a clue what she was doing and didn't look like she was in line. Not even remotely. I avoided eye contact for the duration of the time.

Patty said...

Glad to hear life is slowing down a bit so you can catch your breath and keep up with all the awesomeness!!