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Friday, December 13, 2013

Letter placement

When one goes to Hobby Lobby often, one falls in love with many types of decor.   Usually they can be reasoned with, because while they may be amazing, they won't fit with the decor.  
Occasionally, an item will fit with little modification to the surrounding room.  This frame fit that description.  Additionally, when the cashier informs one that while the 40% off coupon is great, the item will be 50% off on Monday, it's like fate smiling on the purchase.
Add in the letter also purchased at hobby lobby and one has changed the wall completely from a boring blank one to one with individual yet commercially mass produced style.
All that remains now is to take some personalized pictures to replace the cute but unknown family that comes with the frame.

1 comment:

Katie Bell said...

Is there nothing better than a mass produced letter that fits perfectly in your home, give my regards to Hobby Lobby....