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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had an eventful Halloween.  It started off pretty tame.  The kids did their schoolwork.  Then around 9:30 I wondered when their PE class began.  Thus started the craziness of realizing they were late, piling into the car and relying on the phone gps to get us to the park.  
For some reason I thought the class began at 10 and I had time to look up the directions, get Adam into matching clothes, all that jazz.  Well, I didn't.  The GPS had me so a loop around our neighborhood which was unnecessary.  We were running late, I was mad at the kids for not checking out the details of the class (something they wanted to do and begged and cajoled me into signing up for on Tuesday) and I rolled through a stop sign.
Enter bike cop, who had nothing better to do at 9:30 than pull me over.  And give me a ticket, and cite me as an unlicensed driver, since I still have my Colorado license.  Awesome.  Now I get to go to court in Sacramento  and see how that all goes.
Anywho, I may have lost it and yelled at the kids.  And used up my quota of the queen mother of all curse words.
We drove straight home and the kids went inside while I collected myself.  I briefly considered taking off and driving straight to Katie's.  But I refrained.  
Annie came out and talked to me.  She felt terrible.  Hopefully I convinced her that it wasn't her fault, she didn't make me lose my temper or not fully stop.  Them I went in and apologized to the kids for my outburst.
If you are still reading, you know that I am very very human and flawed.  Glad we got that out of the way.
The kids finished up their main school work.  Then they decided to become monsters and fight over every little thing. That doesn't include Annie.
At one point I decided to go to the library to escape the bickering.  I even grabbed my purse and went outside.  Without my keys. 
We all pulled ourselves together, cleared some space and proceeded to make some lovely Egyptian arm bands out of toilet paper tubes, gold paint and yarn.  Emma read a magic school bus book about Egypt aloud to the kids.
I did a terrible job hemming Laura's costume,  made a cat tail out of
tape and got Laura ready for dance.  
Adam decided he needed to go too, in costume.  Adams room is like the black hole of Calcutta so Annie found the costume for me while I got Laura in the car.  
Pulled out of the driveway, remembered the vouchers to pay for dance were on the counter, jammed in to get them and we were off.
No further tickets were involved in the duration of this day.
After dance we ate jack o'lantern pizza, got ready and I scrapped the tape tail in favor of a ribbon tail.

Pumpkins were lit,
makeup applied
and Howard took the kids out for the evening.

I sat down and reflected on just why I stay home to give out candy every year. And then watched the tv version of resident evil. 


Katie Bell said...

You posted twice in one week, one of which has pictures! Stop making me look bad....and it was a bicycle cop?! Honestly.

Rachel said...

no silly, a motorcycle cop. And yes, I figured out how to get pictures on here. Now I just have to take better pictures.