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Monday, October 28, 2013


I have taken a vacation from blogging because I just haven't felt like it.  Also, it may be because I have no idea how to put pictures on here taken with the iPad or iPhone.  I admit it, I am not a teenager and need help with my devices.  There, I said it.

Since I last blogged, we had the flu, went to Disneyland for a week, reconnected with friends, had two birthdays, Annie went to her first dance, Emma joined a club without knowing it, Howard got a new job, Annie took pictures of a sheep dissection, and Sarah became obsessed with Legos. We also decorated for Halloween, Laura made art, we did oodles of schoolwork, 4 kids had a recital, we ate too much candy, Adam was cranky, we pulled out the garden, canned nothing, we made too many meals to count, and didnt put away enough laundry.

Here are lovely pictures of everything:

Just kidding.  I still haven't figured out how to upload them.

Upcoming activities for our family include:

Getting Annie to do her bread mold experiment already, it's nasty.

Trick or treating, of course

Basketball for 4 kids

Cleaning out the garage 😝

Visiting a museum (hopefully the Egyptian one in San Jose)

Lots more schoolwork

Not mummifying a chicken, because that is gross

Making Egyptian burial masks

Baking and choking down hardtack

Reading up on Abraham Lincoln

More nasty science experiments

So that is what is up with us.  Life, hectic as usual.

As a small brag, I managed to do the grocery shopping with Adam and Laura in the hour that the other kids were at music lessons and we were back to pick them up with a few minutes to spare.  Not so braggy, I didn't even recognize Sarah sitting across from me in the lobby!

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