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Friday, September 13, 2013

Running ragged

     So today I started High School Psychology with Annie.  We spent an hour writing the outline for unit 1, identifying important people in the history of psychology, and viewing 8 of the first 64 slides, taking notes on them.  She isn't used to taking notes and her hand is killing her!  Additionally, we didn't start until around 9:45 pm.  

     Today was a crazy day.  We had a co-op activity mid-morning.  We played kickball and foursquare at a local park.  It got a little competitive.  Emma got tackled on a routine play at first (she was safe).  Sarah, Laura and Adam played with jump ropes and friends on the play structure. 

     After we got home, we had lunch and tried to do school.  Some kids were mega tired and one even took a nice long nap.  One was kinda out of it but perservered through her lessons.  Anne gave it a good try, but she was just so tired!  Emma spent a good portion of the day studying for her tests tomorrow. Adam was just cranky!

     Annie had an orthodontist appointment at 2:30.  Then we jammed home to take Laura to ballet/tap class.  It was observation day.  Laura is doing really well. I would have taken pictures, but I left my phone in the car.

    We came home and Howard had made dinner.  Awesome!  After dinner I headed off to a church activity.  After that, Howard and I went for a walk, then I finally had time to work with Annie.  The poor kid could barely keep her eyes open.  She had watched some of the slides earlier in the day but fell asleep. I think by doing the course with her, she will be more accountable and I will get a refresher on what I learned back in 11th grade with Mr. Peterson. 

     Its a bit tricky, keeping track of all her classes, the daily assignments, the quizzes, the tests, etc.  Many of them are online and are set up by the day.  I finally printed out a checklist so she can mark where she is each day.  Each class also has its own grade sheet.  The trick will be to juggle all the binders for each subject, while keeping track of the checklist.  This first quarter is our learning quarter.  I am sure we will be pros by the second semester.

     So today, or rather yesterday, was very full, very hectic, and I am glad its over.  I didn't get any papers graded and will need to help Emma study for some tests in the morning.  I am so glad its Friday!  


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