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Friday, September 6, 2013

A change and a glimpse of the boy's room

In the past couple of years, we have used a system in which each kid had their own file crate.  They kept their books in it, and all their papers also, in hanging files.  In some ways it was cool, because each kid could grab their crate and work on their school work where ever they were:  in their room, in the living room, at the table.  In some ways it was not good because the crate would become land of the lost with papers crammed in them, books stacked upon artwork, whole pencil boxes missing.  Also, there was the logistics of storing all the crates.

While we were in Colorado it was easy.  We had a metal shelving rack that we re-purposed from our food storage in the basement.  The bins fit nicely and the whole thing was in the school room.  Out of sight.  Then we moved.

Crates in the dining room.  Not the tidiest sight.
Here in CA we have no schoolroom.  Everything takes place in the dining room or living room.  We had the metal shelving with the crates in the dining room and let me tell you, I was not loving it.  I knew something had to give.  So I moved the whole contraption into our closet in the hallway. The crates kinda fit but I would have to pull out one to get to another.  Plus the shelving looked terrible in there.  So Howard put in shelves.

The crates when they were kind of presentable

Of course he did, because he is awesome and likes to make life better for the people in his life.  The shelves looked awesome.  The crates still had to be moved to access each other, but there was still a space in the corner to store some small books.  Plus he added upper shelving so we could store our plethora of board games.

Then one day, while perusing homeschool blogs for ideas, I discovered one with a set of lockers in their living room.  It looked so cool with their decor.  I showed Annie and she thought it was impressive also.  I looked on Craigslist for the heck of it and found a similar set for a good price, and within driving distance.  The catch:  they had to be picked up in the evenings.  Hmm.  Our next few evenings were booked, I had no idea how fast these things would sell, and I really wanted them.  So Howard said we could go get them that night.  He is not an impulsive kind of guy, so I was shocked when 20 minutes later we were on our way to go buy them from an indoor soccer place.

We got it home and in the house and then had to figure out where to put it.  Howard said absolutely not in the dining room.  I thought it might fit on a certain wall in Adam's room.  Plus he has a kind of sports theme going on.  We tried it on that wall and it was just awkward.  We moved it to the other wall and it was awesome.   And since it looked so good, I decided to share a few shots of the room.

The lockers looking fine. And yes, that is a LPS house.  All the toys are in this room, even this one

We decided to put  doors on, since Adam didn't like the open closet.  Turns out hanging clothing is scary at night.

just an odd angle shot of the room from the doorway
After all was said and done, Annie revealed that she had always wanted a locker.  Check that one off her list.  Each kid has their own locker.  They store their books, folders and backpacks in them.  And Adam stores toys and all sorts of stuff. The top middle locker is currently holding our bows and arrows because those suckers are hard to store.  Adam, Laura and Sarah all fit in them, but we have banned them from going inside. And what happened to the shelves in the closet?  They are now filled with books.  I know, big shocker.  


Katie Bell said...

Give it to them Rachel...

Sam Smith said...

This is Sam and Ben - Wow! Those lockers look cool. Is that a pirate ship? Cool!

Katie Bell said...

For whatever previous comment posted to this one but it should have been to the previous post, otherwise I sound like a lunatic.

Am really loving the locker idea....