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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Camping trip

One of the activities on our bucket list for the summer was to go camping.  We finally managed
to go overnight to Indian Grinding Rock.  Its called that because there is......a huge grinding rock where the native peoples ground their acorns into meal.  Its really a sight to see, so of course, we didn't take any pictures of it!  We also didn't get into the museum, but we did go to the nearby Black Chasm caverns.  It was so hot while we were there, in the 100's, so going into the 60 degree chasm was a pleasure.

Paying for the campsite, because I take pictures of random stuff

Sarah looking sweet and amazingly clean

Laura putting on a dance on the "stage" aka parking spot

Laura discovers the water pump

Emma and Annie made a broom to sweep out the tent

We couldn't keep Adam out of the fire pit.  This is pretty much what he did the whole time.

Laura did her share of helping

We found a huge beehive in this tree, straight out of Winnie the Pooh, except we didn't  try to steal  the honey

A rare smile from Annie (Annie took this)

On a walk to see the grinding rock
At Black Chasm, there are cool growths that aren't stalactites or stalagmites, called helictites.  Helictites are some of the most delicate cave formations, easily broken.  They don't form vertically, and make all sorts of amazing shapes.  My kids swear they saw Captain Hook's hook in one of the formations.
Helictites- Emma wants to make sure she gets credit for this pic

I think we had a pretty good time.  There were some attitude problems, too much messing around by the fire by little boys, and fun just doing nothing.  We went on a few hikes.  We saw some deer, a variety of birds, lots of pincer bugs and spiders and 1 lizard.  This was the first time we went camping since we became a family of 7, and now we know it is doable.  I think maybe sometime we may even camp for 2 nights!  


Helen & Bill said...

Camping is such a fun experience for kids and sometimes for the parents also. That cavern was truly awesome. Looks like good times.

Katie Bell said...

Good for you, I'm not really sure why there isn't a reward for taking kids camping, we all know there should be...