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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School 2012/2013

First day of school
For our first day of school we got up bright and early, and had breakfast at the Velvet Grill and Creamery.  Then we returned and got right to it.  Annie and Emma's math isn't here yet, so they did worksheets.
bins, pc, school wall and table at the end of the day
We covered math, history, art and are going to do language arts and P.E. (tetherball) after lunch, along with character studies.  Then its off to buy a leotard, ballet and tap shoes for Sarah.  She starts Creative Movement tomorrow. She is excited and nervous.
Sarah got into her Art, stamping with veggies
file crates for 4 kids 
Tomorrow we will swap history for science, and art for technology.   Hopefully most of our textbooks will arrive tonight so Friday will be much smoother. I need to order Annie's math today, an art book for Emma and Sarah, and hopefully a math manipulative kit for Sarah.  It should all be covered by our curriculum account.

We have 2 weeks until piano begins for Annie and Emma, and Emma will start horseback riding lessons in 3 weeks.  They will both be taking writing classes at a co-op school, and Sarah will be joining them for ASL and Native American studies.  I will be teaching the Native American studies, so I will need to find lots of activities.  If anyone has any ideas for that, leave a comment.


mommymjen said...

I will find my activity list from when we did Kaya. Also you can look on my cub scout board on pintrest there are some there. Some of the things I remember doing are making pemmican, playing games, made dream catchers,and we made berry jam. I wanted to make a totem pole, and rainsticks. I think I will this year when we get to our study of the Indians.

Helen & Bill said...

The curriculum looks varied and interesting. I am not sure how you manage to get it all done, but you do. Dad says that takes ORGANIZATION! I know the girls will have a great year.