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Friday, May 25, 2012

finally friday

It the end of the week, toward the end of our "official" school year.  We will be doing some schooling all through the summer, but won't feel the pressure after we officially end.  So, with it being Friday, we have big plans.  They include a T-ball game, a softball game, pictures at the chiropractor for Howard, and Target shopping.  Howard and I may throw in one of our wild trips to Winco for more bread, milk and that kind of thing.

I know, you can hardly contain your envy.  I get to go to Target with all 5 kids, after we hit Big 5 for some hiking boots.  And we are clothes shopping.  It will be so fun, like going on a tour with a pack of wild monkeys.  Hopefully we will emerge with at least one happy kid.  That kid will most likely not be Annie.  The orthodontist did some wicked stuff to her teeth yesterday.  She took an Aleve, and guess what?  The pain is still raging.

If I am still sane after we return, I may post pictures of our booty.  As in treasure.  Not our booties, cause no one wants to see that.  Especially if Adam has an accident in the store.

Okay, here are the results of the trip: 3 skirts for Sarah, 2 skirts for Laura, 1 pack of unmentionables, 1 pack of socks for Adam, a white polo shirt for Adam,a skirt for Emma, a shirt for me, lunch at Del Taco, 4 shirts for Annie, hiking boots for Annie for Girls Camp and 4 pairs of flip flops.  Grand Total:  $155.00  That is not too shabby.  We have been waiting and budgeting for this trip.  Our max was $170, and we weren't planning on lunch.  And we all still like each other, which is an accomplishment. 

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Helen & Bill said...

Sounds like a successful and thrifty outing. Great budgeting! Hope Anne is feeling better.