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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Howard is Awesome!

So for some time now, our laptop has been sad.  It began with a certain curly haired 2 year old picking all the keys off.  We put most of them back, save the 3 irreparably broken ones. Then the hard drive had issues.  Then we got a battery alert, and it would only stay charged for 2 minutes.  Most recently, we had an alert that the CPU fan had failed and basically the whole thing would go up in flames if we used it. 

When we moved to CA, we brought a dead laptop under the seat.  Steven upgraded the hard drive, and that was wonderful.  Sadly we still had all the other issues.  It stopped working altogether a few weeks ago. 

Since I didn't go on my impromptu trip after all, I had a small bit of $ and decided to fix the computer.  Mainly because Annie only has about 2 weeks worth of Science, which is all stored on the laptop. 

Ordering the parts was easy. They came in nice boxes, with packing material and no instructions.  Thankfully, I have Howard.  He decided that since back in the day, when we were first dating, he used to work in component assembly, he could do it. 

He talked to Steven for moral support and kept a walk-through up on the PC.   Did you know that in order to replace a CPU fan on our laptop you need to take out everything, since its connected to the rear of the motherboard?  By everything I mean everything.  Even Steven was a little worried when he saw the walk-through online.  Because Howard is awesome*, with only one cuticle ripped off, the laptop is fixed!  I finally have a ?  key, in addition to a home key and some key I never use but looks important.  The laptop doesn't feel like it will combust at any second.  The battery (which, yes, was easy, but so necessary) holds a charge.

Plus, since now he knows I really want to go see Katie, its in the budget and on the calendar.  Woohoo!  Howard rocks!

*in addition, he also repaired a broken drawer in the kitchen and began sanding to paint the cabinets.  And he agreed to my vague plans for storage in the closets, knowing he will have to figure out all the dimensions and do all the work, while I nit-pick. 

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Helen & Bill said...

Boy oh boy, are you EVER lucky!