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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Playing catch up

We are home.  Well, 5 of us are home.  Annie and Emma are still at the reunion.  Mark and Becky agreed to take them home on Saturday.  Aren't they the coolest Uncle and Aunt?  Did I mention that they also rented a bounce house/water slide at the reunion?  Sweet!  I went down it once with 3 of my girls, then got out a squirt gun and went after nieces and nephews.  Then I changed, got the younger 3 kids ready and Howard drove us home. 
We arrived at 11:45 pm.  The little kids were so excited to be home.  They ran to their rooms and jumped in bed.  Adam kicked his feet with happiness when he saw his crib.  Howard brought the luggage inside and then promptly fell asleep in his own bed.  He overslept but is as work again today.  He said he doesn't want to paint or do any repairs until Saturday, as he is beat.
It was a really fun time at the reunion.  It was great having the whole gang together again.  My cousin Zaron and his family even came by for a visit.  I wish we could all be together more often than every 3 years.
Now that we are home we are getting back into the packing mindset.  Plus Sarah wants to get as much done on her reading program as she can before we have to give it back.  Howard and I will be finishing off a closet in the basement and then painting all the beadboard in the house, painting the fireplace and the stair rail going down to the basement.
In housing news, we have moved forward one step toward the house in CA.  I can't remember exactly what it is, but its good.  In car news, my dad and Howard got the audio to work by messing with the fuses.  Also, Howard's friend has a car to trade for Howard's truck.  It has a/c, so that is a major bonus. 
That about wraps it up.  I am looking forward to having all my kids back home.  I miss Annie and Emma already.  I hope they are having a blast with their cousins and know that they are in good hands. 


The Buckner Family said...

Hello! Visiting and following from the crew! Have a wonderful day!

Helen & Bill said...

Well, we're back too. It was an awesome reunion! I think almost everyone had a wonderful time. For Dad and I it was a very special time. We missed you a ton when you left!