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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Annie rocks!

This is Annie's third year of softball.  She has had all sorts of teams, as she plays summer and fall.  Last year she didn't get a hit in either summer or fall.  She gets walked alot, being shorter than the average player.  This summer, Howard is her coach.  Tonight they came home from their second game with great news:  Annie got a hit.  Not just a little dinky one, which would have been okay too.  Nope, she drove it into left field, past the fielder, allowing 2 runs to score.  Her team ended up winning 15-4.  The game was finally called when a girl on her team roped another ball and the other coach cried uncle.  Did I mention that neither of Annie's teams won a single game last year?  This season is already better than the last one.  I am so glad Annie stuck it out, and that Howard decided to coach her team.


Katie Bell said...

Good job Annie. I never played softball, but I watched A League of Their Own a lot. Totally counts.

Karen said...

I remember when Danielle got her first hit...I almost cried I was so happy for her! Yay for Annie! Way to stick with it!

Diamond said...

Woo Hoo!!

I didn't know that coaches were allowed to call it quits. And what does "roped another ball" mean? You remember how little I know of baseball.

Rachel said...

Roped it means that there were several girls on base, and the ball was hit deep in the outfield. The girls on base would have scored. The coach could call it because Annie's team was the home team and were already winning in the bottom of the last inning. The other coach said to go ahead and play. But when that ball was hit, he said to just end it.
It was a mercy ending, to keep the score from being in the 20's. My team used to get beat that bad when I was a kid.

Helen & Bill said...

Hot Dog Annie! You go girl! Have a great season! Aren't RBI's great?