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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two weeks ago we had our subdivision's annual garage sale.  We did not host one this year.  I wasn't planning on visiting any.  However, after picking up the older kids from Friday school, we gave in and drove around a bit.  Sarah's attention was caught by this gem. 
She declared that she had to have it.  It was the mirror she and I had been looking for to give her room some oomph.  Annie and I scrounged the car and came up with $2.35.  The garage sale lady accepted it and it has now come to our home to stay.  Not like that though.  Eww.

Monday night, while the older girls were at softball, I caught Laura playing with Battleship .  She wasn't playing the traditional way, being 3.  She had filled up all the spaces with pegs and was stretching silly bandz over them.  She was frustrated because the pegs kept popping out.  What is a mom to do?  Well, look for a free printable geoboard pattern, head out to the garage, check the wood stash, plug in some power tools and get to work. Less than 30 minutes later we had two of these:

The silly bandz make excellent and fun geobands for Sarah and Laura.  Oh, and Emma, who made this colorful house.

What else did we do last week?  I had been hesitant to put Adam in a pair of white sneakers because they were just not me.  The solution was a king size Sharpie, followed by a fine tip Sharpie.  I am pleased with the result, and hoping the King size Sharpie smell will dissipate soon.

Before.  Technically, this is a similar pair of shoes, not the same ones.

After.  Very much fitting shoes for a child of mine.

And finally, a small sample of what the kids have been doing.

Sarah's Cars preschool pack, put away nicely

some of the pieces out to show what is done

Upside down Caps for Sale

Inside.  And yes, I realize there are 2 monkeys not 5, but its after midnight, give me a break

The back of the folder
One of Annie's math pages

A typical sheet of 2nd grade math

Wait, what?  Using variables?  Emma prefers these to regular subtraction, which she loathes, but is rather good at. 
Laura went to 2 days of a little preschool co-op last week.  She learned about seasons one day and the body the next.  She made an awesome skeleton out of q-tips, but it is loved and so has disappeared.
 So there you have it.  Fun times here at Thankful Haven Academy.


Emma and Annie said...

I love the shoes! I like the geoboards. It is so cool that Emma can do variables.

Patty said...

Those shoes are awesome!!
You are so creative! I'm always amazed by all the projects and fun things you come up with for your kids. They're a lucky bunch!

Helen & Bill said...

Did the color on shoes bleed? I never would've thought of doing that. The geoboard is fantastic. I've seen kids at school having a ball using those. I can hardly believe all the creative and interesting things the girls have done this year. I'm not sure I can do Annie's math. Great school year Thankful Academy!