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Howard and Rachel
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Friday, April 8, 2011

New for this week:  a yarn Rapunzel wig is in the works.  I made a fleece diaper soaker for Adam, a felt jelly sandwich and grapes for Sarah and Laura, and managed to get Emma's science fair project to the school on time.

This week the kids played outside after school every day, even when it was gloomy.  They have been loving their new rope swing.  We went for a walk to the park yesterday, and had fun, despite the unleashed and unruly little dogs harassing the kids.  The kids have been sleeping really well with all the play.  Its been awesome.The downside to this week is that we were expecting a package from our homeschool swap and it never came.  Annie won't let it dissuade her though and she wants to do another swap.

I think we have decided on next year's curriculum.  Annie will be joining Emma and Sarah using SOTW book 3.  She will have tests, more reading and an active number line, additional readings and harder projects.  We are going to try Teaching Textbooks for math, as the school will provide it.  Life of Fred will also be on our radar.  Annie will be using Rosetta Stone for Spanish and Glencoe Science, the blue book, which is chemistry.  She has agreed to use LLATL for another year.  She will be reading Much Ado About Nothing, which I think is cool.  I didn't read Shakespeare until 8th grade.  She will continue with Writing Stands but will also use a speaking course.  She has chosen Atelier art, which will be new to us.  It should be a good year.

Emma is a bit tougher.  She says she doesn't want to do Horizons math again.  I know that she does better with it than with Saxon.  I do have a teachers book already for Saxon though.  For science I am looking into Real Science Odyssey for her and Sarah.  LLATL will be her lang arts.  I only need the student manual for that.  I think she will continue with Power Glide Spanish and her current Writing Strands book.  Atelier Art is for her too, it is multi-level. 

Sarah will be using Horizons K math, Sing, Spell, Read and Write, SOTW 3, Real Science Odyssey, Artistic Pursuits, Map Skills, and Building Critical Thinking. If she wants she can do Power Glide Spanish.  Its an elementary kit, so she and Emma can work on different parts.

Laura will be in preschool 3 hours a day.  When she is home, I will try to do some 5 in a Row with her, plus toddler tray activities.

Adam will be one,turning 2 next school year, holy heck!  I plan on doing some toddler tray activities with him, and lots of reading and also active dude stuff.  Maybe a sand and water table??


Helen & Bill said...

Wow! Now that's what I call planning ahead!

Diamond said...

It's like a foreign language! Fascinating. I love reading about your homeschooling. You are amazing.