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Thursday, April 14, 2011

 In fun household news, our dishwasher sounds like it is going to explode, and doesn't do a very good job anymore.  My $9.99 solution?  A dish rack.  On Tuesday I showed Emma how to wash by hand.  Tonight Annie had her tutorial.  I even showed her how to take the bubbles and blow them on unsuspecting sisters.  Hopefully my girls will be able to have as much fun as me and my sister when we did dishes, although somehow they will have to cope without an 8-track player.

Adam dressed up for church, from february, taken by Grandpa Bill
 This is Adam, out of focus and totally cute.  That toy he is holding?  A black headband.  Poor kid.  I keep telling Howard that Adam needs his own dog to hang out with.
These are the fantastic shower doors that we bought and installed on Saturday.  I love craigslist, and people who get rid of perfectly good stuff because its the wrong color.  Our bathroom is now dry.  All I need to do now is hang some hooks for towels and obtain a bathmat.  Annie is suggesting a chocolate colored one to match the monkey on the wall. 

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion today with our homeschool group.  I had never been before.  It was pretty fun.  Laura and I were the only Hughes' brave enough to hold Rosie the tarantula.  Annie and Emma touched sea stars,  a horseshoe crab, an urchin and a hermit crab.  The actual butterfly area was wicked hot and humid.  I would recommend taking a stroller for a heavy almost 1 year old.  I kinda forgot and ended up wearing Adam in the snugli, with my backpack.  Add in the sweaters that the kids no longer needed and it was quite uncomfortable.  I was relaxed enough for a butterfly to land on my head.  One landed on Sarah's leg and one on Annie's back.  Funny how they picked the 2 kids who don't like creepy crawlies.  I have no pictures because I forgot the camera along with the stroller.  The kids in the group are finally getting used to us, after a year.  I left Annie and Emma with the other kids while the little ones went to the loo and when we came back, they were walking around together and talking.  Hooray.  It was a good day, I am glad we went.


Karen said...

Oh the days of washing by I miss those! J/K
Every kid should have to experience washing by hand. It stops them from complaining about loading a dishwasher!
You're little guy is so cute. Kaitlyn and I think he looks like Annie did when she was little (with different colored eyes/eyebrows, of course).

Helen & Bill said...

Doesn't everyone love washing dishes by hand? Adam does look adorable!

mommymjen said...

Mike says who needs a dishwasher we have 8 of them. lol