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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What we do

Yesterday I showed Emma how to make a web organizer to write a paper.  I used Megamind as an example.  Then she was able to make one about plants.  Go Emma.

Since the beginning of the year, Sarah and I have been working on lapbooks, mainly using 5 in a row.  I figure now is as good a time as any to show what we have been doing.
Each story has grown on her.  Madeline has become one of her favorites.
 We read Johnny Appleseed and made a lapbook on apples.  We had a new ink cartridge by then, thus, more colors.
Mike Mulligan is also a new favorite.  We found MaryAnn in The Little House this week.  Sarah even remembered about personification.  I don't remember learning about that until 7th grade! 
I love homeschooling my kids!


Helen & Bill said...

Rachel, that work looks pretty impressive. I'm glad you're enjoying teaching. That's what mothers do best :)

Katie Bell said...

Dear Rachel, you rock. In a disgusting, if.we.weren't.friends.I' of way. Cheers.

Courtney said...

Those lapbooks look really cool!