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Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is a business, right?

Today we took a trip to the transportation museum.  As usual, it was very sparsely attended.  Like, makes you wonder how they pay their electricity bill.

We went around, looking at the cars and the trains.  The kids were very well-behaved.  I think because they were each so excited about a particular thing.  Sarah wanted to see the big wheel bikes, velocipedes and horseless carriages.  Laura wanted to see the trains.  Annie loves Amelia Earhart's car and a 1957 Nash.  Emma loves it all.  Adam was in the stroller, sleeping.

At one point, Laura's enthusiasm got the best of her and she ducked under the chains.  I told her no, she came back and that was that.  10 minutes later this guy from the museum came over and was lecturing me about my wild children who were touching everything and ruining the exhibits.  I said it happened once and isn't an issue.  He then said that they had been leaning over the chains to look at the cars, and that touching the chains wasn't allowed. He kept going on and on.  I finally got him to go away.  He followed us for the next 10 minutes, hiding behind exhibits.  He ruined the rest of the trip for us. 

As if it wasn't bad enough that no bags of any kind were allowed.  No diaper bags, purses, nothing bigger than a wallet.  No food or drinks of any kind.  No bottles for babies.  yes, i had to take my 11 month old with no diaper bag or bottle. Oh, but they do sell food in the gift shop.No looking over the chains?  No touching the chains?  What, are they made of gold?  Nope, black plastic.

No wonder this museum is always empty.  It is full of trains and cars and is not kid-friendly at all.  Aside from older men, their target audience should be kids!  We will not be going back.

Oh, and for the passive aggressive people out there, I lifted  Sarah and Laura over my head so they could see into all the cars, and personally pointed at details with my arm over the precious black plastic chains *gasp*


Baileys said...

Dude, I love you!

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why museums aren't busy. Shouldn't children be the target audience?

Patty said...

Wow- that guy definitely found a way to ruin a good museum experience, didn't he? What a shame. I hope you all (mostly) enjoyed it anyways!

Helen & Bill said...

Not a kid friendly place for sure. Too bad, they're missing the boat. I'm not at surprised you spoke up. You rock Rachel! Love you.