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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its that time of year

On Friday, I decided I was sick of my house and something had to change.  I know it isn't just me, my sister had the same feeling. Alas, neither of us have oodles of money for redecorating whenever the fancy strikes.  What is a girl to do?  The obvious answer is, use what you have.

So I spent part of yesterday painting my mismatched frames black with some old acrylic paint from our school supplies.  I repurposed an icky old frame into a wall hanging for Laura and rearranged Adams room.  Then Annie and I ventured off to the fabric store and bought material to make 3 bed coverings.  Not quilts, per se, as they aren't pieced.  But they will be coverlets that I machine quilt.  I started Adam's last night and finished it this morning.
I decided his bed needed a little more something, so I used google and figured out how to make a pocket pillow cover, which yes, I realize most people know how to make, but hey, I took auto shop in school, not home ec.
Anyhow, I made a pillow for Adam's crib. 
Once I figured it out, I got carried away and made new covers for the family room couch pillows.  Then, I decided that our tv unit was icky and had Howard cut off the top half, then use the top board as a new top for the base.  It looks much better.

Can't wait to start the other two blankets, for Annie and Emma, in their newly painted room.


Bec and Doug said...

I did take home ec and I'd still have to google how to make a pocket pillow!! Good job. Our redecorating for the week consisted of buying 2 new toilets on sale at Home Depot... Your fixes are much prettier, although I won't miss our old toilets.

Helen & Bill said...


Karen said...

I don't know how to make a pocket pillow. I took Spanish instead of Home Ec. I think sewing would have come in more handy for me seeing as I still don't speak Spanish.

Katie Bell said...

Go you....I wish I was there as a consult, not that you need one....