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Howard and Rachel
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faith in God

Now that Emma is 8, she can begin working in her Faith in God book.  On Monday she crossed off her first requirement.  She gave a family home evening lesson on the first vision.  She did really well, considering that Sarah , Adam and Laura were all over the place wild.  Annie played the piano for the opening and closing song.  We finished up with a rousing game of tiny trucks, where each contestant is a truck hauling pillows on their back while crawling to the destination.  We got the idea from Family Fun Magazine.
Emma will be giving more FHE lessons over the next 4 years.  As she gets older, her younger siblings will be able to pay attention more and the lessons will mean more to them.  Annie, Howard and I appreciated her lesson, and we didn't even need to be separated for hitting each other!


Helen & Bill said...

I am so proud of you older three for behaving yourselves. Way to go Emma! Way to go on the piano Annie! We'll see you soon. Love ya!

Patty said...

What a fun FHE! Isn't it exciting when children reach the point of being able to teach a lesson themselves? It's always great to hear their testimonies and points of view.

BTW- I loved your last post with the pics of the painted room. You did an awesome job!!