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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yes, I know.  Soccer.  It ranks below even basketball in sports for me, which is below football, running and hockey.  At any rate, I know my kids need to exercise more, instead of sitting inside doing school work.  So I got out our trusty red spray paint yesterday and made a basic and totally not proportionate soccer field in the backyard.  The older girls cleaned up after the dog and today we played for the first time.

We had a few issues.  We have learned that:  we don't kick other people, we kick the ball, trash talk is not appreciated by 4 year old girls, we really need to add lines to the front of the goals, its really hard to not use your hands, mom can easily kick the ball over the fence, it was a mistake to get rid of the gate in the back fence, and finally, that Emma can climb over the fence now. 

Hopefully we can come up with more fun ideas, especially as it may possible start snowing. 


Karen said...

Enjoy it while you can. Our backyard is covered in snow!

Diamond said...

You are a very cool mom.

Helen & Bill said...

Teaching sportsmanship is so groovy!