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Friday, December 10, 2010

2 year old is defective

Tonight, while we lounged in the front room, watching Home Alone 2, Laura decided to get to know the laptop.  She has never been allowed to do anything on the laptop, not even view movies on Netflix.  I guess she saw this time as her ideal opportunity to learn about technology, firsthand.  She was quiet, which is always a bad sign. 

She brought Howard a handful of keys, very proud of herself.  We jumped up, movie forgotten.  Adam proceeded to scream for the next 40 minutes while we tried to locate all the keys, Sarah and Emma started to fight.  Awesome. 

We got all but four of the keys on and those four keys won't go on. Trust me, its been about 2 hours.  I consulted with Sam.  He informed me that our two year old must be defective.  Hmm.  might be. 

Do we really need a ?  key?  Maybe that / is important.


Patty said...

Oh no!! It's amazing what the havoc a 2 year old can wreak. Quiet is always a bad sign!!

Baileys said...

Sad day! If your's is defective, what's mine? He's done that a million times... If you want new keys, I know which website to order them from!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Oh dear, I can only imagine how fun that would have been at two years old, and how frustrating as a parent. :)