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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I feel like I blog more than I do because I compose posts in my head, or think, that would be great on my blog.  In reality, I don't hit post nearly as often as I check other's blogs.

We actually did accomplish something this week, despite the mastitis.  Emma set up a play store in the basement, complete with prices and money for those who want to play, and grocery bags as well.  Annie and Sarah made a cake from scratch.  Emma and I attempted to figure out how a GPS works.  I think we understand it more than before.  Sarah started an apple lapbook.  Laura painted and got some on the paper as well as herself.  Annie learned about interest and compound interest. 

Emma also traced two maps and all her history worksheets, since I kinda broke our new printer/copier.  She made a little play about Charlemagne and his family.  She was happy that there was a woman in the lesson, Hildegard.  Which makes me think of Bosom Buddies, but anyway.  The girls also worked on taking apart our old old printer, the hp one.  They used all the different screwdrivers they could find and were delighted when I let them use the star tip on the ratchet.

We had our first snow of the season this week, which meant digging through all the snow gear to find out what we have.  So far we need new gloves for the little girls and snow pants for Annie and Emma, but somehow we have lots of snow pants in size small.  Laura needs new boots.  I am hesitant to get all of that because I hate having snow gear strewn about the house.  I know, I really need to get it, and I will. 
Luckily, Annie had the motivation to do dog doodie duty and get it all up before the snow started to fall.  5 bucks for her and less worry about playing in the backyard for everyone. 

We hosted a homeschool group meeting today too.  We went to Hammond's candies.  No one else had been there before.  It was interesting to see how intrigued the kids were.  My kids have been there many times.  Its always good, but kind of old hat for us.  Of course we bought candy while we were there and the cashier threw in an extra dozen taffy strips. Sweet!

We made a thankful tree this week too, after taking down the Halloween spiders.  I traced my forearm to get the trunk and the girls hands to make the branches.  We used leaves from our crabapple tree to write what we are thankful for.  Its pretty neat.  We are listening to a Dear America book about a girl who crossed on the Mayflower.  We have learned lots of words for puke and diarrhea from it so far.  Eew.  Its pretty interesting. 

Annie and Sarah made a countdown to Thanksgiving and Emma went one step further and made a countdown to Christmas.  To figure it out, I had her add the number of days until Turkey day, the days left in the month after T-day, and days in December until Christmas.  It tied in with our math lesson for the day, so it was one of those real life applications. 

Lest you think I am forgetting him, Adam sat up for 10 minutes on his own.  He also sat and played with the Leap Frog table.  He ate a jar of peas, to the disgust of everyone else at the table.  He feeds himself crackers and Oreos.  He has learned to stick out his tongue.  He also likes to sit and make guy noises with Howard.  Lots of grunting and whatnot. 

There you go.  We did accomplish quite a bit, even though it didn't feel like it.


Diamond said...

I compose a lot of posts too! But, I don't think they involve me doing as much as you do.

Helen & Bill said...

What an interesting blog! You are doing some great things with school and applying it to everyday living. The store sounds great.
the candy store was a sweet idea! I'd love to see a current picture of Adam. Infants change so quickly and he's already sitting up and feeding himself, wow! Good job Rachel!

Patty said...

I love your posts. I'm glad you had the time to type this one out!