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Friday, October 1, 2010

My kids currently attend an enrichment school 1x a week where the dress code is a polo shirt and bottoms with no holes/appropriate length skirts/shorts. We were looking at French Toast for polos as my girls have grown. They saw the plaid skorts and decided they wanted them for their homeschool uniform, for wearing on field trips and because apparently they have wanted them for a while. They even wanted knee highs. They are asking for matching sweatshirts with our school name and mascot. I think its cute. Maybe more so because the skorts were on clearance and I got an extra 10% off.

They even want saddle shoes to go with the whole outfit. I guess this is what happens when we read lots of Ramona books and a book called Saddle Shoe Blues.
Now I just need to find where to get some sweatshirts made. Oh, and need to get a new mascot (betta fish)
For the record, they are the Thankful Haven Fighting Fish

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Diamond said...

Who doesn't love a schooliform?