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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Impromptu field trip

Today Emma, Adam and I took an unplanned field trip.  Max has been coughing and sneezing.  This morning he coughed so hard he puked, and then ate it because he is a dog, like a dog to his vomit.  Anyhow, we hauled Max off to Petsmart.  He has inflamed tonsils and bronchitis.  Emma had all sorts of questions about the vet's office.   Its a good thing we brought him in.  He should be well in a week with antibiotics.  Then he will be able to get his rabies shot and heartworm test.  Hopefully no loco wolf will come into the yard until he gets his shot, as we really don't want to shoot him in the corn crib.
While we were there, we also picked up our new mascot:  Dead Tom.  Dead Tom is a purple betta fighting fish.    It was hard to come up with a name everyone agreed on, so his full name is:  Dead Tom Wendy Killer. BTW, Dead Tom is alive.


Bec and Doug said...

We have no pets to give weird names to, but the other day Alex named one of his Hotwheels "Greenbean Chapman".

Diamond said...

Dog vomit and live dead fish? What type of school are you running? ha ha

CharlesMarkley said...

Glad to hear that Max is okay!