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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I love Halloween.  The costumes, the candy, the excitement.  I'd show you all the cute pictures, except my printer decided to die again and I have no cord for my camera.  Somehow we managed to buy the only camera that doesn't come with a USB cord.

Annie made her own costume this year.  She was a jack o'lantern.  She used an orange t-shirt with a face printed on it, belted it off an stuffed it with batting.  Then we put her hair in a pony on top of her head, used tons of gel and a pipecleaner and tiny elastics every centimeter to get it to stand upright, then used green hairspray to turn it into a stem.  Creative and cool.

Emma was Trixie the Halloween Fairy.  There is no Trixie costume in the store.  We put it together with a long sleeve jack o'lantern T-shirt (only long sleeve orange shirt I could find), orange and black tights, black mary janes, orange wings, a black ribbon sash, a black headband with a black ribbon bow and an orange skirt that I made on the 29th.  We used red hairspray which turned her hair an orangey color.  She was way cute.  Someone made a comment that made me laugh.  Trust my homeschool kid to come up with a costume that is reading related.  And the person was joking with me, it was funny.

Sarah, ah Sarah.  Sarah made up her mind that she was going to be a fairy.  She has a rainbow fairy skirt that she wears almost daily, plus some wings that she got for her birthday.  While I was making the orange skirt on Friday, Sarah informed me that she was going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween and I was making her a costume.  Never mind that I had no fabric, no pattern, and oh yeah, I can't read patterns!  I called Beth to see how hard it would be to throw together a Tink costume.  She had one she made for her Sarah last year and was willing to lend it to me, wings and all.  Thank you Beth!  Beth does some awesome sewing.  My sarah looked pretty good in the costume, she has the right attitude for Tink.

Laura was Jessie from Toy Story, at least for the Trunk or Treat on Sat.  I sewed some cow fabric to her jeans, she wore her red Jessie hat (Emma's from Disneyland years ago) and sarah's pink boots.  She has a tunic Grandpa A sent her when she was a baby.  Its white with yellow accent work that Laurie decided was a Jessie shirt.  She was so cute.  Today, she noticed that Emma and Sarah were fairies so she wanted to be one too.  Easy peasy.  One extra set of pink wings, one pink T-shirt, one pair of pink fleece pants, one pink ballet fluffy thingy and light up princess shoes = instant fairy. 

Adam was an elephant, but only yesterday.  Today he was a baby who went to bed.  His costume was a gray shirt, gray fleece hoodie, gray fleece pants, gray socks and a foam elephant hat from Aunt Becky. 

After church today we carved/painted pumpkins.  Annie and Emma finished their own pumpkins this year, which made me happy because I usually end up finishing them.  Sarah and Laura painted their pumpkins and I carved a Giants pumpkin.  When Howard came home we watched Something Wicked This Way Comes.  That movie is so creepy.  It sticks in your head, makes you think.  Sadly, we didn't eat anything but candy.  Howard took the girls out.  They got tons of candy.  I stayed home with Adam and gave out candy.  For their dinner I made the ever nutritious Ramen.  We watched The legend of Sleepy Hollow, disney cartoon.  Watched the Giants game and sent the kids to bed.  Awesome Halloween!!


Patty said...

What a fun Halloween! I hope you got pics of everyone in costume- I'm sure they looked great!

Bec and Doug said...

Gotta love the Daisy Meadows books (well at least young girls do)... Mary decided to be Queen Titania.

Helen & Bill said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!