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Monday, June 7, 2010

We are continuing our quest to sample hospitals around California. Wednesday Laura was admitted with acute dehydration and gastroenteritis. She was admitted, pumped full of fluid and anti-nausea drugs and released on Thursday. Howard and his brother took her, which turned out to be funny because all the hospital staff assumed they were domestic partners. Eew.
Laura was a trooper and suffered at least 9 pokes to get her IV in, eventually dealing with a papoose board and a foot IV. She eventually started eating and drinking after 1 1/2 bags of fluid. She is doing fine for now.

Sarah started the whole puke fest four days before we left on vacation.So she was fine for about a week. Then yesterday she was oddly tired during sacrament meeting and ended up sleeping though it. She rallied after her nap and went to nursery with Laura (she usually goes to class so just playing was fun) After church she laid down to sleep and slept the whole day, with a sore throat, horrible cough and she is burning up. There is no thermometer here so I have no idea what her temp is. She has been refusing fluids and food and asked to go to the hospital.

Howard left with her about 20 minutes ago. This time we checked to see if the hospital is in network.I really hope she is fine and that we can make our 2:50pm flight back home, where we know which hospitals to go, where urgent care is, which pharmacies are open 24 hours and the other kids can rest in their own beds.


Katie Bell said...

Thank you for supporting my decision to NOT go to California with family. That sounds pretty awful...Hope you make it back o.k. I'm around if you need help with anything.

Bec and Doug said...

Looks like you need a vacation from your vacation...


Patty said...

I guess we never really think about what it would be like to get sick away from home... sounds like something we should all avoid! I hope everyone gets better fast.