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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

California 2010

California Trip 2010
Emma, Livie and Annie playing in the Nelson's yard
Mattingly and Nate aligning the sprinkler

Emma, Derek, Matty, Sarah, Annie, Livie, Nate and Adam
Aunt Heather and Uncle David
My 32nd birthday
Spending time with cousins is priceless.
Thank you Nelsons for hosting us. We had a blast with you and we miss you already!
After the Nelsons we headed to San Jose to spend time with Grandpa Ashraf, Vince, Latu and Daniel. We went to Great America with Vince and Daniel
Emma and Annie waiting to catch the splash at Great America
I took a picture of everyone on the big splash ride. Pictures like this were the result. Then the camera developed a big water bubble. Then it turned off altogether. Oops.
Annie went on all the major rides with Howard and Vince. Daniel doesn't like them so he hung out with me and the younger kids. The kids went through splash zones. Those over 3 went on log rides. And for the big announcement: Howard and I went on a ride together for the first time since having kids! Yes!
The next day we went to the Winchester mansion. No pictures, as the camera was still very upset at us. We brought Vince with us. The girls had a blast in the arcade waiting area. They made pressed coins, got a fortune from a creepy machine, toy monkeys from a claw machine and best of all, fake mustaches. Howard got a blond one. So did Emma. We all tried on the groovy things except Vince, who has a real one. Emma wore hers for the entire tour.
As for the house itself, its pretty odd. Someday I'd like to go through without kids, or at least with kids who can walk the whole tour. Annie enjoyed it the most of all the kids. Chevy's was right across the street so we got to eat more yummy fajitas than we should have.
What followed was more unpleasantness and Laura's trip to the hospital and a day at grandpa's for me, Adam and the girls. Thank goodness for Daniel and Latu who came and spent time with us.

We headed to my parents house for the remainder of our stay. Lo and behold, the camera worked again, so we have pictures. Hooray for things that work out.

Since most of the fam was at work on Friday, we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory. We'd never been there so it was really cool. We got to go all through the factory and taste jelly beans at 3 different stages. No pictures allowed inside but it was still interesting.
Laura recovered enough to eat candy

Emma being fantastically cute
The obligatory picture in frontThis time with meA really delicious van

Because we could, we hopped on highway 12 and went to lunch at Mary's Pizza Shack in Sonoma. Yes, you may envy us. It was delicious and informative. The kids enjoyed watching the dough being thrown in the air. The formation of yummy breadsticks was also a hit, as was tasting them. I miss Mary's the most of all the Sonoma county food.
After lunch we headed to the mission and the cheese factory. We didn't get any tasting in at the cheese factory due to a tour bus of disgusting double dippers to whom the one toothpick per cheese per sample rule apparently didn't apply. Anyhoo, the kids ran around the mission and Howard and I took a moment to relax.

This chapel has always freaked me out my whole life. Perhaps its the plaque to Vallejo's MIL who is either buried there or in remembrance of. Whatever. So glad Howard took a picture so I can be freaked out at home too.Sheesh, don't these people know how they got 5 kids??


Katie Bell said...

Obviously Sara is embarrassed in most of the pictures since she's not making eye contact, with anyone. Not that she should be embarassed, unless of course she was in the kissing picture....I have no idea how to spell embarassed, maybe someone should make a jingle for it like the Missippippi one.

David and Heather said...

It was so great to spend time with you guys! I am very happy to see Laura feeling better. Our kids loved spending time with their cousins. We even got to share in your birthday!! Miss you guys.

Helen & Bill said...

Rachel, We really enjoyed your family's visit despite the illnesses. We'll take you guys any way we can get you. It was wonderful to see everyone again. We love you all. Mom