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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I took Laura to the audiologist today, just me and her. It was nice. She and I were able to get her testing done without worrying about what the other kids were doing to the other room. Where were the other kids? Annie was watching them at home. Don't judge, she is a very responsible kid. And she totally didn't want to get up and be ready by 7:30. Neither did Emma or Sarah.

So the results? With her new groovy hearing aids, Laura is hearing at a normal/mild loss range. Cool, huh? They turned up the higher frequency after the test to put her mostly in the normal range. She was really good in the booth. She was able to do play testing. That is where she puts a toy to her ear, listens for a sound, then puts the toy in a bin when she hears the sound. She isn't really old enough to do it yet, but this was her second time doing it successfully. After the testing, she chose a frog toy to take home, she even said frog with a clear F.

We stopped by dollar tree on the way home to get some toothbrushes for our humanitarian aid project today. The cashier complimented Laura on how well and clearly she was speaking. Comments like that warm my heart. All the time putting hearing aids back in and meeting with the awesome speech therapist are so worth it!

As for the older kids, I came home to find that Annie had done her science and math on her own, Emma started the last unit in her science book and was working on lang arts. They were all dressed and having a snack. Annie had bribed Sarah to clean up her mess with a popsicle, so the back room was even clean. In another year or so, Annie will be making some serious money as a babysitter.


Helen & Bill said...

A big hurray all the way around!

Patty said...

How wonderful! And yay for Annie doing such a great job!!