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Monday, March 15, 2010

Flooring, sisters and other things

Howard removed the ucky carpet and tile in our front room recently. The tiles mostly popped right off, thanks to the fabulous workmanship of the flippers who prepped our house. Here we have photo proof that the spacers were indeed left in and grouted over and that the tile was laid directly on the subfloor. Good quality workmanship, I must say.

Yesterday we had stake conference. Due to my incredible largeness and the uncomfortableness of the chairs in the gym, we left after the first hour. I am sure we missed all sorts of good things, but sometimes, Mama needs to be comfortable. We came home and spent some family time together. We even played a game of clue in which no one won. How? We all thought we saw a knife on a card that was in fact a lead pipe.

We ended up with this scene of sisterly love. It was originally Annie and Laura, but when Emma saw me take out the camera she had to jump in. Not pictured is Sarah, who was busily jamming Monsters Inc. into the kids new DVD player, rendering it useless until Howard can pry it out.

As for the other things, I have been reassured that this new baby is a boy. I have been pretty skeptical the whole time. Yes, I have seen the u/s pic but that was at 20 weeks. I donated all the baby girl stuff, thinking the whole time that this kid will come out and be a girl after all. Friday at my appointment they did an u/s and confirmed the gender of the baby. I am not deluding myself, it really is a boy, and not a shy one. No pictures, because that could be potentially mortifying, having shots of unborn parts floating around on the internet.

I guess now that it really, truly is a boy and that he is coming in 5 weeks, we should probably start getting ready. Nah, we got time.

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Karen said...

The cruddy tile job looks very familiar!