The adventures of a homeschooling family

Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sarah likes to dress herself and does a fabulous job. Laura goes along for the dancing and climbing.
Laura playing with her new favorite toy

Look Katie, I finished it. Could be that I told Howard that you called to check on the progress? He took it upon himself to help me get it done.

Since I had some leftover material I decided this chair could use some help.

Yes, I am aware that there is a smudge on the lens.


Patty said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the video!!
Great job on the artwork.. it's beautiful!

Helen & Bill said...

Sarah & Laura looked like they were having so much fun. Where is the window pane art being displayed?

Rachel said...

Uh, in the bathroom!

Katie Bell said...

Looks're amazing and have impecable taste in fabric. Let me know if I need to look in on anything else to motivate Howard....