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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bunk beds no more

The bunk beds have been causing a little bit of a problem. Sarah kept putting the ladder on and letting Laura climb in, then they yell and scream and fight, which I can't have during naptime. I know there are those moms who sit outside their kids rooms during naptime. Not me. I shut the door and don't want to come back for at least 1 1/2 hours. So they had to go. The bunk beds, not the girls.

I persuaded Howard that he needed to help me last night after prayers but before he went home teaching. He agreed, on the condition that I put them to bed. Fine with me. We grunted, pulled, had to have Annie help, and wrenched his back but it is done. And we made a nasty discovery. When getting a metal bed from smokers, there can be nicotine/tar buildup in the metal tubing and it smells really, really, really bad. The tubes will be cleaned out sometime today and then put on the bottom legs of one bed, bringing it to the same height as the other bed. Until then, Laura is loving climbing in and out of the bed.

Of course, since we had two twin beds last night, the girls had to sleep together in one bed. Sometimes I wonder why I try.


Katie Bell said...

so you have something to blog about....

Patty said...

I love how they ended up sleeping in the same bed after all that trouble!!