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Saturday, August 22, 2009


A few weeks back the girls were enjoying a fine day. They had played outside and then decided to swim. After only around 15 minutes we heard thunder. They finally exited the pool when they saw lightning. Thunder and lightning were accompanied by a fantastic hail storm. We enjoyed it from the doorways and back porch.

The trampoline shared in the fun.

Howard managed to grab a few of the big ones.

He gathered just a few of them!

It was a good diversion for the afternoon. We had some excitement because our silly dog kept running out into the hail and getting pelted, then whining to come in. We finally had to lock him in the garage for his own safety. Once the hailstorm was over the skies cleared and we had a lovely evening.

1 comment:

Patty said...

That's a pretty impressive hailstorm! Glad everyone was inside, safe and sound (except the silly dog!)