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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adams County Fair

For the first time in many years we decided to attend a county fair. We held off because quite frankly nothing is as good as the Sonoma County Fair. After researching our own fair and deciding it was lame we headed off to Adams County for a day.
Emma was able to climb around in a fire truck.

Sarah went on almost all the little kid rides
She liked them all. Annie was not so enthusiastic about them but went anyway like the great big sister that she is.
Anne preferred the more intense rides. Emma was tall enough to enjoy most of them too.

They really enjoyed this ride, enough to go on it 3 times.

It was a fun, hot, hot day with lots of walking. The end result? A van full of tired sleeping kids.


Diamond said...

I miss the Sonoma County Fair too! The first fair I went to after that was the Utah County Fair. ANYTHING can beat that.

There is a day off of school for the fair here. I think we will give it a go.

Karen said...

I miss the Sonoma County fair too. I mostly miss the paycheck Sam got when he worked there!
I love it when all the kids fall asleep in the car. Nice and quiet.

Patty said...

Pretty hard to beat the Sonoma County Fair, but it looks like you found a good one anyways! A van full of tired, happy kids... it doesn't get much better, does it?