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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a difference a letter makes

Emma has about 10 spelling words each day. I have her copy them on the whiteboard. She was writing "sh" words and was quite proud of herself. She failed to include one very important letter, "r" in the word shirt. It was pretty funny. She read the word, turned red and started laughing.

Tonight while reading scriptures Annie came to the phrase "dumb ass." She froze up, turned red and refused to read. I for one relish reading that one verse because then I get to say one of my favorite put downs, but in a totally scriptural and perfectly acceptable way. :)

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Karen said...

I love reading the scriptures with the kids when it says a "bad word". It justifies my foul mouth because it says it in the scriptures. A couple of weeks ago, we were reading about the "whore of all the earth". Sam and I looked at each other and just let them keep reading. Thank goodness they didn't ask about that!